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Helping organizations and leaders recognize the emotional patterns and workplace dynamics that sabotage engagement and strategy.

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Authentic Leadership Groups for nonprofit & association leaders 

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If you have a growth mindset and are tired of reacting to change instead of driving it, you won’t want to miss this growth opportunity. Groups are designed for leader or director-level professionals working in non-profits, associations, or public entities and include customized topics, peer learning & self-discovery.

Group coaching is a cost-effective way for people experiencing similar challenges to develop the leadership competencies necessary for leading.

You’ll experience the personal growth necessary for leading, with the added benefit of peer support & group energy.

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if you hear statements like this— We can help.

“We talk about the same issues at every meeting but never seem to move forward”

“The real issues don’t surface until the meeting after the meeting.”

“Our board sets the priorities, but they don’t connect to what we do every day.”

“We are always super busy, but it doesn’t ever feel like we get anything done.”

“We are always scrambling and reacting to things.”

we offer: 

  • Leadership coaching

  • Group coaching

  • Team coaching

  • Traction coaching

  • Strategic planning

  • Board development

  • Half-day workshops

  • Full-day workshops

  • Speaking

What to Expect


Questions will create discomfort, anxiety, and those “Ah-ha” moments which lead to excitement, engagement, new perspectives, & solutions.

WE'LL be candid and POKE HOLES IN stuck THINKING

Questions help organizations 'get real' and get clear' about their workplace culture and governance structures--The results--improved workplace culture, communication, and engaged employees.

WE'll help you create
processes FOR moving forward

In the end, We want what you want—A healthy and thriving organization positioned to achieve your vision. We'll help you recognize the trigger and provide you with the tools you need to move forward.  



Mary Kay did excellent work with the board of directors, stakeholders and management staff to create a new and vibrant strategic direction for the organization. Mary Kay had a clearly articulated process for working with our organization. She sought input from a highly diverse group of individuals with very different expectations for the organization. Our organization plans to continue to work with Mary Kay as we create a pathway.
— Joan Purrington, Board Chair, Northeast Residence

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