I develop relationships with leaders and organizations to help them create clarity so they can make major decisions easily and with confidence.

You may benefit if you are in transition, unsure about next steps, lack focus, role clarity or a long-range plan.

my sweet spot—nonprofits, small businesses & professional, member & trade associations.

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In organizations experiencing these challenges, you’ll often hear staff or board members say things like:

“We talk about the same issues at every meeting but never seem to move forward”

“Our board sets the priorities, but they don’t connect to what we do every day.”

“We are always super busy, but it doesn’t ever feel like we get anything done.”

“We are always scrambling and reacting to things.”

I work with boards to: 

  • Keep the vision, mission and strategic directions alive in the daily life of their organization

  • Develop their ability to ask powerful and strategic questions

  • Improve board processes

  • Remove uncertainty around making big decisions

  • Understand the difference between governance vs management and the way it impacts organizational health

  • Create board strategy, development and succession plans

I work with organizations to: 

  • Create clarity for easier decision-making

  • Develop leaders, managers, and teams

  • Learn how to run efficient and effective meetings

  • Create efficiencies and engagement throughout your organization

  • Keep the vision, mission and strategic directions alive in the daily life of their organization

  • Create a culture characterized by trust, candor and open communication

  • Develop the ability to ask powerful and strategic questions

What to Expect



Questions will create discomfort, anxiety, and those “Ah-ha” moments which lead to alignment, excitement, engagement, new perspectives, solutions, and traction.



Questions help organizations 'get real' and get clear' about their workplace culture and governance structures--paving the way for discovering the insights necessary for aligning board strategy with the day-to-day work of the organization. The results--improved workplace communication, culture, and engaged employees.


I'll teach you
processes FOR gaining traction

In the end, I want what you want. A healthy and thriving organization positioned to achieve your vision.  I'll help you develop the processes and systems you need to move forward and create successful strategies for the future. 


why coaching?

According to the 2017 ICF/PWC Global Awareness study, the top four impacts of coaching are  



Work/Team Performance
Work/Life Balance


the business case for coaching

It's estimated that replacing an employee costs a business 1/2 to 5 times that employee's salary. 

Mary Kay was a phenomenal asset when it came to our strategic planning. She led the group with assertiveness and grace, kept us on track, and listened to all of our ideas. Her ingenuity and fresh perspective really helped us get our organization back on track. I highly recommend working with Mary Kay Delvo.
— Jayln Havill, Agribusiness Management and Farm Management Instructor, Muscatine Community College
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