partnering with organizations to create  traction through coaching and strategy 

aligning attitude with action

Keeping your organization focused and on track can be challenging. INspiring SIGHT helps organizations like yours get out of your own way, sharpen your focus and get everyone moving in the same direction. We'll work with the unique needs of your organization to help you find relevant solutions and lasting impact.


why coaching?

According to the 2017 ICF/PWC Global Awareness study, the top four impacts of coaching are  



Work/Team Performance
Work/Life Balance


the business case for coaching

It's estimated that replacing an employee costs a business 1/2 to 5 times that employee's salary. 


What to Expect



Questions will create discomfort, anxiety, and those “Ah-ha” moments which lead to excitement, engagement, new perspectives, and solutions.


WE'LL be candid and POKE HOLES IN

Questions help organizations 'get real' and get clear' about their workplace culture--paving the way for businesses to create the insights necessary for improving workplace communication, job satisfaction, workplace culture, and reducing employee turnover.


We'll teach you
processes FOR gaining traction

In the end, we want what you want. A healthy and thriving organizational that makes the world better together.  We'll help you develop the process and systems you need to move forward and create successful strategies for the future. 


Is your organization struggling with ineffective meetings, lack of direction, focus or conflict? 

 At Inspiring Sight, we work with businesses, leadership teams, nonprofit boards, association leaders, and individuals to keep you rowing in the same direction. 

I help individuals: 

  • Discover the answers they already have within them
  • Find clarity around values, priorities, desires
  • Understand what prevents them from accomplishing goals
  • Evaluate if their actions are aligned with their words
  • Create relevant and sustainable solutions

I help organizations: 

  • Expand perspectives
  • Put the right people in the right seat
  • Align organizational values with tactics and strategies
  • Run efficient and effective meetings, increasing engagement 
  • Create a culture of innovation through candor and open conversations
  • Implement processes for staying focused and on-track
I found Mary Kay’s insight into generations to be really valuable for the workplace. I was surprised as a baby boomer that I was overlooking the societal culture driving millennial jargon, work ethic and values. In my role as a city employee, I now know why understanding generational culture is important for working on behalf of our entire community.
— Connie Thompson | Fridley Senior Program