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We offer workshops and group coaching programs for small business owners, leaders, teams, nonprofits and associations.

Small business owner SERIES

virtual coaching groups

new session begins may 22

One, 90-minute group monthly for six months

Coaching has been proven to increase the skills necessary for leading others: emotional intelligence, communication skills, honing observation and behavioral skills and improving one’s ability to probe, make observations and ask powerful questions at the right time.

The group setting encourages trust-building, risk-taking and opportunities for providing feedback in a meaningful way— all transferable into the workplace and leadership of people.

This group is designed for director level professionals working in non-profits or associations and includes customized topics, peer learning & self-discovery. Group coaching provides the added benefits of developing a trusted peer learning environment and is a cost-effective way for people experiencing similar challenges to develop leadership competencies.

Spring Session Begins:     May 22nd | 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. | Fourth Wednesday of every month



If you have a growth mindset and are tired of reacting to change instead of driving it, you won’t want to miss this growth opportunity. Groups are designed for leader or director-level professionals working in non-profits, associations, or public entities and include customized topics, peer learning & self-discovery.

Group coaching is a cost-effective way for people experiencing similar challenges to develop the leadership competencies necessary for leading.

You’ll experience the personal growth necessary for leading, with the added benefit of peer support & group energy.

Mary Kay helped me uncover a path forward in my business I couldn’t see for myself. Since working with her, I see how all aspects of my business connect, and I have a process for prioritizing and evaluating opportunities. I fully connect with my plan now—making follow-through easy. The one-page strategy I walked away with is a constant visual for keeping me present and on track. Not only was the process well thought out, but she helped me put heart into my strategy.
— Sara Krisher, Stand Tall owner and coach