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“On stage she performs like a real artist and has the flair to inspire her audience to action.”

— Dr. Vijayender Nalla, Agribusiness Academy

Alternative Higher and Executive Education Provider


Speaking & Workshop Topics

Four Ingredients for Eliminating Status Quo Thinking

“Don’t let your first thought, be your last”. This simple, yet profound statement challenges perspectives and the status quo so individuals and organizations can release themselves from being held hostages of their own thinking. In fact, it’s Mary Kay’s only rule when she works with organizations to improve their culture and health. This workshop will introduce the four ingredients for eliminating status quo thinking and help you assess what your organization is cooking up based on what culture recipe your organization is using.

Four Things Status Quo Thinking Breeds that interfere with Team and Leadership Development

Is your organization struggling with lack of creativity, innovation, stale culture, & judgement? Do you have high employee turnover? Do your real meetings happen ‘after the meeting’? If this sounds familiar, status quo thinking may be partly to blame. Learn about the four things that happen when status quo thinking rules the day.

Five Ways Hockey Teams Get Leadership & Team Development Right

Minnesota is the state of hockey but there is a lot more taking place on the ice than the average sports fan pays attention to. There is a more complex story before teams hit the ice that most people don’t see and that organizations could learn from to function at high levels. This workshop will engage attendees in learning about leadership and team building through the lens of a hockey team. When teams are not producing it is easy to point to behavioral causes, like laziness, inefficiency, personality issues, or generational attributes. In reality, those are all symptoms of deeper issues related to culture.

If You Don’t Have Conflict, You Should: 4 Elements of Healthy Team and Board

Conflict tends to be coined as negative. While it can be, it doesn’t have to be. In reality, without conflict, it is not possible to build trust, build cohesion, hold team members accountable or solve problems in a relevant and sustainable way. This workshop will provide the Four Elements of Healthy Conflict and a process for incorporating healthy conflict into your workplace.

Getting to the root of your workplace disruption. Hint: It’s not Generational Differences

Are your managers struggling with the differences in work style, communication, and conflict? Does this cause them to resort to stereotypical statements about the generations different from their own? If you are blaming the problem on generational differences, you are likely looking at the symptom instead of the problem. Most generational presentations provide the standard list of ‘what to know’ about a specific generation but do little to nothing to nudge all generations toward becoming part of the solution. In this session, attendees learn the context underlying generational differences, and a new narrative for making these multi-generational relationships work.

Getting Board & Leadership Teams Moving in the Same Direction

If any of you belong to a family, you likely know what happens for children when parents are not in alignment. They receive mixed messages—leading to misbehavior, align with one parent over another—splitting them against each other and ultimately, the family unit doesn’t live up to its full potential. Organizations, like families, play out the same scenarios when the board (parent one) and leadership team (parent two) don’t align. Teams (children) are left hanging in the balance and then blamed for not producing. This workshop will introduce the core components necessary for creating a leadership culture so your entire organization can thrive from the boardroom to the break room


Mary Kay excels in challenging her audiences to try on new perspectives— moving her audiences to evaluate their thoughts, the role they play and their organizational culture.


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As a seasoned trainer of over 25 years, I found Mary Kay’s training invaluable. I train new hires, and ongoing staff spanning across generations. I now have a new way of looking at training staff that is more effective and helps me to better train, motivate and communicate!
Thank you Mary Kay
— Erin Kunzman, Program Coordinator/Quality Assurance Anoka County Economic Assistance