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Shifting perspectives is hard. Staying stuck is harder

Mahatma Gandhi says, “Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits…” Experience Gandhi’s wisdom first-hand as we identify how thoughts become limiting beliefs that lead to unintended realities and keep people stuck. This workshop will help participants begin to uncover the role their beliefs and thoughts play in the way they navigate work, relationships, and life. Attendees will walk away with personal insights and introductory tools for intentionally shifting from limiting beliefs to new perspectives.

Ideal audience: Organizations struggling with productivity, employee or member engagement, high turnover rates or whose culture feels unsupported, exhausting, tense, unnecessarily competitive, and toxic.

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is guilt so present in your life it has its own suitcase?

Guilt is so powerful it sabotages workplaces, relationships, quality of life, and an ability to be one’s best self. But where does it come from and what makes it so powerful? This workshop describes how guilt starts, what drives it, and what you can do to eliminate it. Attendees will be asked to try on a new lens for viewing their feelings of guilt, learn exercises for unpacking guilt from their narrative and free them to live the life they want. This powerful workshop relies on active participation by attendees and an open mind.

Ideal audience: Organizations whose teams are struggling with conflict/tension, setting boundaries, working together, and anxiety about results. Particularly helpful for service organizations.


Three cultural factors driving change in all organizations

This workshop puts a new lens on decision-making by providing real-world context, expanding perspectives, and challenging status-quo thinking—all essential components of navigating change. In this session, you will begin to understand the context of the three cultural factors driving change in all organizations—the rapid acceleration of technology, globalization, and key human capital challenges--one of which is the shifting view of members and employee wants based on experiences specific to four generational contexts. You won’t want to miss this informative, engaging and eye-opening session so you can realign your organizational strategies for success.


Moving polarizing conversations to meaningful ones

In a world dominated by social media--anyone and everyone with internet access has a world-wide reaching megaphone for sharing their views, arguments, and versions of the facts as they know them. Consequently, our public, political, community and family narratives have become increasingly polarized and divisive--leaving us emotionally charged. This workshop will introduce attendees to the art of asking powerful questions with a goal of inviting ongoing conversations rather than one-off verbal sparring matches


Growing up in an instant gratification world: How parents can teach kids to think for themselves

Are there days you wonder if your teens speak another language--that is if they speak directly to you at all. Does it appear they don't know how to think for themselves? This workshop will help you understand the benefits and drawbacks to growing up in a fast-paced technological world, show you how to help them begin to think more critically and walk-away with tips for setting healthy boundaries around the use of technology.


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On stage she performs like a real artist and has the flair to inspire her audience to action.
— Dr. Vijayender Nalla, Agribusiness Academy | Alternative Higher and Executive Education Provider

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