Partnering for your success

Organizational coaching and strategic consulting services uniquely designed to meet the needs of your organization.  We'll work together to get you back on track and moving forward in accomplishing your mission. 


Ready to take your organization to the next level? 


Board & Executive Level Development

Does your board understand the realities of the 21st Century workplace? Effective boards govern with insight and understanding.  Our work with boards and executives is designed to ensure understanding of the difference between governance and management, the organizations’ challenges, and reveals blind spots so that you can lead with insight. Our development strategies include succession planning, knowledge transfer, as well as, executive coaching.


Strategic Planning

Discover continuous insights into the pulse of your organization with our strategic planning process. Our strategic consulting and organizational coaching will help you integrate your strategic directions into the day-to-day operations of your organization and can help you gain access to feedback about how your organization is functioning—useful for identifying pain points before they become chronic. Our strategic planning will help you:

•Develop team and leadership buy-in
•Discover honest feedback about your organizational culture
•Identify areas of low engagement
•Design solutions for a quick transformation


Equip rockstar leaders to become developers of people

The expression, “the cream rises to the top”, frequently explains how high performers get noticed and are quickly moved up the ladder. Unfortunately, just because someone is a rock star researcher, developer or sales person, doesn’t mean they are prepared for or will be a rock star developer of people. Our emerging leader group and individual coaching can help your leaders become developers of people. Through our coaching, your team will:

• Learn and "try-on" new methods for developing employees
• Utilize peer relationships to engage in problem solving
• Explore new ways of communicating
• Discover the power of powerful questions in developing others



Multi-Generational Team Coaching

Do you know how to manage the challenges which come with a multi-generational workplace and labor shortages? You have likely noticed new challenges around communication, meetings, and how to engage employees with very different life experiences and are not sure what to do about it. That's where we come in. Inspiring Sight specializes in helping organizations like yours develop the perspective and mindset needed to succeed in today's ever-changing world. 

Mary Kay is an excellent facilitator and leadership coach. Her insight and experience were very helpful to our organization’s planning process.
— Warren Formo | Executive Director at MN Ag Water Resource Center