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Board & Strategy Development

Mary Kay has mastered the skill and art of taking the ideas, values and ambitions of a board and guiding them to clarity. I have experienced first hand her unique and inclusive methods that allow everyone to contribute while guiding the group to a shared vision and mission with a clear understanding of what it will take to live it out. The alignment has provided our board a means to stay focused, reign in tangents and start achieving the results we were looking for. She is an outstanding coach and strategic facilitator that can get your organization and leadership on track.”
— Jason Jones CEC, ACC President, The Coaching Hour

Common Issues Related to Boards

Micromanagement Present but not engaged

Meetings lack focus, purpose and an endpoint Role confusion

Lack of contextual & visionary thinking Weak onboarding processes

Homogeneous in sector, ethnicity, gender and mindset

No Problem. I Can Help

My board experience spans decades and includes having served in many of the same roles as my clients fulfill. This experience allows me to know first-hand how perspectives change based on the role and interaction-level with the board.

This knowledge helps me ask the right questions at the right time and to the right people.

In addition to the many roles I have been in as a board and staff member, other experiences include running a successful public school superintendent search and participating in teacher contract negotiations.