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Ready to take your organization to the next level? 

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Board & Executive Level Development

Does your board view their organization from multiple lenses or just one? How often do they engage in discussion about or try to understand realities of the 21st Century workplace? Effective boards govern with insight, multiple perspectives, and an understanding of the broader environment surrounding their organization. Our work with boards and executives is designed to help you understand the difference between governance and management, reveal organizational challenges, and blind spots so that you can lead with insight. Not only thatwe’ll do strategic planning in half the time you’re used to, reducing stress on your busy board members’ time. Our work with boards include governance training, board development, understanding the multi generational workplace, and succession planning. Coaching is embedded in everything we do.

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Strategic alignment

INspiring SIGHT won’t only lead you in a strategic alignment process, we’ll teach you how to incorporate the thinking and questions necessary for lasting impact after we are gone. With our process—your vision, mission and strategic directions become your litmus test for the everyday decisions your organization makes. Our coaching and planning process will support you by integrating your strategic directions into the day-to-day operations of your organization. You will learn how to ask the questions necessary for seeing your work through multiple lenses, and for staying focused.

If you stick with the process, the results will speak for themselves by:
•Clarifying roles, expectations, and improving organizational buy-in

•Discovering honest feedback about your organizational culture

•Identifying areas and activities which are out of alignment with your mission and vision

•Increasing efficiency and effective use of organizational resources

•Designing solutions for a quick transformation


individual, team, & organizational coaching

Our coaching work with individuals, teams, and organizations help people wake up to how they show up. You may have heard Mahatma Gandhi’s quote, “Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits…” The larger challenge is, a majority of people aren’t even aware of how they show up, let alone how they interact with others. Our coaching process is designed to help you build the level of insight necessary for managing thoughts, behaviors and attitudes which get in the way of working successfully with others. Through coaching, you will "try-on" new methods for developing, yourself, your employees, your teams and your organizations.

• Utilize peer relationships to engage in problem solving
• Explore new ways of communicating
• Discover the power of critical thinking and questions in developing yourself and others


Multi-Generational Team Coaching

Not sure how to manage the many new challenges around communication, work styles, meetings, and how to engage employees with very different life experiences. INspiring SIGHT specializes in helping organizations like yours develop the perspective, mindset, and skills needed to succeed in today's ever-changing world. The only constant in our world is change. Let INspiring SIGHT assist your organization in finding ways to be successful in it.

Mary Kay worked with us (International Coach Federation Minnesota Chapter) to create our strategic goals moving forward. I was so impressed with her ability to lead our group through her proven process. She was careful to include each person in the discussion while continuing to stay focused on the goal. I haven’t seen anyone lead a strategic discussion as expertly as Mary Kay. I highly recommend her as a coach, leader, facilitator, presenter, and consultant.
— Sara Krisher, ACC Speaker, Trainer, Coach with Standing Tall