INspiring SIGHT believes two components are necessary for creating such healthy workplace cultures:

1) Awareness raising questions, candor and trust

2) The entire system working towards one mission

When missing or misaligned, it will be reflected by lack of engagement, high turnover, lack of productivity, unhealthy conflict, and an ability to attract employees, customers, and board members.

if you hear statements like this— We can help.

“We talk about the same issues at every meeting but never seem to move forward”

“The real issues don’t surface until the meeting after the meeting.”

“Our board sets the priorities, but they don’t connect to what we do every day.”

“We are always super busy, but it doesn’t ever feel like we get anything done.”

“We are always scrambling and reacting to things.”

“Our programs operate in silos not in tandem towards one mission”

we offer: 

  • Leadership coaching

  • Group coaching

  • Team coaching

  • Traction coaching

  • Strategic planning

  • Board development

  • Half-day workshops

  • Full-day workshops

  • Lunch-N-Learns

  • Speaking