Site or Sight: The opportunity for perspective-finding is all around us. Are you looking for it?


Recently, I was checking out of a hotel when the hospitality staff requested my email address.  As I provided it to her,, she clarified, "marykay@inspiringsite, s-i-t-e?" I corrected her and spelled, "sight, s-i-g-h-t". I shared that it had never occurred to me someone might consider spelling my business name as INspiringSITE. She smiled and said s-i-t-e was her first reaction, like a website, technology or a specific "site" location. Had she not been required to spell it out for the email would have she gone on to believe my business was about a technology, website or a location? 

Where the name comes from...

INspiring SIGHT, the name of my business was chosen because my work at its core is about helping others cultivate insight, new perspectives, creativity and possibilities--INspiring SIGHT was chosen based upon my very intimate relationship with its creation.

It took me months before settling on a name for my business so in my mind, by the time I committed to it there was only one perspective that could exist. Then it dawned on me--within my own strategically designed business name was an example of how easily two perspectives can be derived from the same interaction--in this case, the mere spelling of a word.

Understanding & Insight

Imagine the number of times people are invited into discussions or decision-making processes with very little time for understanding the issue, or  where they possess different cultural, regional and industry meanings for the same thing. As the person bringing the group together, you have likely spent significant hours thinking about the issue, facts and facets--from your perspective. 

Have you ever observed a person or group of people who navigate life and work based solely on their own perspective and experiences? If so, what do you notice?  How do they solve problems? Are others' perspectives considered? Do new possibilities emerge? Drop me a note. I would love to hear about your observations.



When was the last time you explored a new perspective? 

What did you notice when taking on a new perspective? 

Have you spent time developing others ability to look at new perspectives? 

What is a topic you have been unable to see a new perspective on? What prevented you from doing so?

What might you be missing by not considering new perspectives?

What is the worst thing that could happen if you considered a new perspective?

Mary Kay Delvo