From Passion to Practice – Turning a Life Long Love into a Long-Lived Business

I was sitting in a room full of professional coaches as we listened to Dave Wondra, President of the Wondra Group, share stories of how he turned his life long love into a long-lived business.

What is a professional coach? 

Professional coaches do this work with others for a living. They nudge, support, challenge, help others to clarify and make commitments to themselves. They know full-well the power of these actions and the wonder people feel when they get in touch with what most fulfills them. 

Yet no matter how much knowledge one has, how experienced they are and how many credentials follow their name--we all have blind-spots and we all owe ourselves the gift of clarity and self-reflection. 

Coaching is for everyone

Dave didn't speak at us, didn't impart great knowledge or structures or a list of how-tos. What he did do was grace us with was questions...powerful questions. 

Are you open to recognizing when you are being nudged?

Do you want to impress people or do you want to touch them?

What were you passionate about as a child? 

What could be possible if you were more courageous?

I think you get the idea. Whether you are a trained professional coach or not, keep questions in your narrative. Ask questions of others and connect with people in your network who will ask questions of you.

Anytime we talk about something we love, we are showing our humanity and we draw people in. What would happen if you brought all of yourself to your work?
— Dave Wondra

If you are a professional coach, get involved with the International Coaching Federation's Minnesota Chapter so you can build a support system and continue growing just as you are helping your clients to do. Attend one of our monthly events, follow us on Twitter, @ICFMinnesota, and check out our website, 




Mary Kay Delvo