Organizational Coach & Strategic Consultant

Meet Mary Kay

 Organizational Alignment Coach & Speaker

Organizational Alignment Coach & Speaker

Mary Kay has only one rule when she works with organizations,

“Don’t let your first thought be your last.”

This simple but powerful statement helps her challenge the perspectives and status quo which often make organizations hostages of their own thinking.

If you’ve ever experienced aches, pains or injury, you have likely discovered the source of the pain is rarely where the treatment occurs. Organizations, like the human body, also redirect pain away from the underlying source. As an organizational alignment coach, Mary Kay shakes up thinking, so organizations can discover the source of their pain and how to realign themselves. Her signature style invites honest conversations at the board and leadership level, creating a culture of candor, trust, and clarity.

Driven by her multi-sector experience, Mary Kay designed a unique process for coaching organizations through a strategic alignment process which teaches them to use their strategy as the litmus test for staying focused and on course. This, combined with her engaging and interactive style, develop effective boards who understand the difference between governance and management, allowing for productivity, engagement, and effective use of resources.

Her sweet spot—nonprofits, professional, member, and trade organizations

Because systems are complex, evolving, and dynamic, she incorporates an understanding of multi-generational systems and the impact of broader cultural, societal, economic, and political shifts on all organizations, regardless of sector. Board work, coaching and strategy aren’t just her business, she is passionate about giving back and ensuring good governance is adhered to by serving on boards herself. 

Mary Kay’s infectious energy and passion for leaving things better than she found them is obvious to all who work with her. She is an avid bicycler, sings the Star-Spangled Banner at sporting events, loves adventure, stream fishing, hockey, cards, board games, and writing. Growing up on a diversified family farm in ND, has kept her grounded and engaged. She has two sons, Ben, 18 and Lucas, 16.





Masters of Liberal Studies, University of Minnesota; College of Professional Learning | Emphasis in leadership, psychology and spirituality

Certified Professional Coach (CPP), Learning Journeys Center for Coaching

B.S. in Social Work, University of North Dakota

MN State Board Certified Licensed Social Worker (LSW)

B.A. in Public Relations, University of North Dakota

Minnesota Agriculture and Rural Leaders (MARL) Class IX, alumnus

University Leadership Academy, University of Minnesota Extension



Leadership Positions

  • Fridley Independent School District # 14; Board of Directors, 2018 Chair
  • Intermediate School District 916, Board of Directors
  • International Coaching Federation, MN Chapter, Board of Directors (Professional Development Co-Chair)
  • Minnesota Ag in the classroom Foundation Board (MAITC)


During my 24-year tenure in higher education, I have served on both for-profit and nonprofit boards and many committees. The meeting Mary Kay organized and led was without a doubt the most efficient and productive meeting I have ever been a part of. Her dedication to preparation was evident throughout the meeting and we were able to accomplish more in 2 days than our board had in the last 18 months.
— Chuck Holloway | Sheridan College